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Nasim Aras Oil Refining Company

It is set in 1384 with the name of the company under the registration number 15 Ghry trade Aras Free Trade Zone, Industrial Aras with oil and gas condensate refinery activity has been established.
88 in an area of ​​10 acres (one hundred thousand square meters) in the free trade zone site of heavy industry, industrial Aras was devoted to the company and the directors of the company after the initial clearing and fencing of the land to them.
In 1389, according to the discretion of the directors of the new company name was changed to oil refining and Aras breeze refinery construction work entered a new phase as follows:
1. Vahdba basic design contract with the oil company refinery process knowledge and capacity of 12,000 barrels of condensate per day Mnqdgrdyd.
2. The contract for the design of tanks (3 tanks each with a capacity of 6,000 tons of food and 9 tank depot to depot production capacity of 2,000 tons each) now Zranrzhy Tabriz was signed.
3. Excavation and leveling the ground, according to the original layout plan provided by the contractor, was conducted by psychologist-conservative mood in the 12-month period.
4. Construction of office building with 250 square meters of office infrastructure and after 8 months completed.
5. Operations of foundation by Ravan conservative temperament tanks for 5 months completely (infrastructure, implementation of reinforced concrete, asphalt and compact design) run ended.
6. The contract to build reservoirs of technical drawings Azar Reservoir standards provided in the maps, which is a 80% improvement.
7. On August 92, 3 hectares of land refineries to join the Aras Free Zone, and a total land area of ​​13 hectares was now.
8. The detailed design and construction of the refinery is the refinery's main units have been started.Since 1394 our exploitation phase.