About Aras

Aras is the largest free zone in the northwest surrounded by mountains, 133 km northwest of Tabriz Vdshthay many of the poles of science itself - is one of the industry is located. Along the Alborz Mountains and adjacent to the border with juniper and enjoyment of wilderness forest and protected area Kyamky Arasbaran the unique characteristics of the region has increased. Julfa city center , this area constitutes one of the city 's 19 branches province . City of Julfa , with 1,718 square kilometers 3/7 % of the land area of ​​the province is allocated to two central part of Syhrvd , 3 cities ( Julfa , Hadyshhr and Syhrvd ) and 5 villages Historically the area of commercial and industrial attention. Shahbassfvy observing expertise and talent silk weavers of silk weavers in Julfa ordered nearly three thousand people are migrating to the city of Isfahan, the Safavid capital, production , and economic prosperity to be enjoyed. ( Julfa is Persian, meaning weaver ) Mzfraldynshahqajar Port of Julfa nearest route to travel to Europe where it was adopted and Customs Julfa terms of its strategic position and is 100 years old .